Magnum Magnetics
Aluminum Signs Great for:
Advertising, Company Events, Building Identification, Sales, Promotion and many more!
Signidea's aluminum signs have a 5+ year of outdoor durability. They are the most durable and give a professional look in a sign.

Signidea's magnetic signs are a ideal way for providing company identification to your vehicles.  Providing you with the BESTway of promoting  your business or event, with out having to be a permanent application.

Magnetics Signs Great for:
Mobile Business, Delivery Vehicles, WorkVans to name a few!
Signidea's corrugated plastic signs are our least expensive rigid outdoor sign option.  Usually these types of signs are used for temporary identification construction sites and out door advertising.
Corrugated Signs Great for:
Sales, Advertising Events, Construction Sites,Promotion
Use these inexpensive signs to increase the visibility of your business.
12x24 Magnetic Sign
Construction Site Signs Great for:
Company Image, Identification, Directional Signage.
Construction/Site Signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials. 

These are commonly known as Sinra Signs. Sinra is a brand name now synonymous with all PVC signs.  PVC sheets are made of polyvinylchloride foam that has hardened. It is light and rigid thus ideal material for point-of-purchase (POP), displays, exhibits, and graphic arts applications. It comes in sizes from 3mm up to 25mm.  It is available in a variety of colors.
PVC-POLY Signs Great for:
Point-of-Purchase, Interior Signage, Display Boards, Trade Shows
Point-of-Sale Signs

  • Motivate customers 
  • Produce impulse buying 
  • Provide product selection and pricing 
  • Provide information


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